Noll Lab has a number of unique facilities that are used by our researchers in the support of and conduct of their research projects.

Conference Room - 127 Noll Lab

The Noll Conference Room is used by our reseachers for a variety of seminars, colloquia and meetings. Please check out the seminar room's web page for a full description. To reserve this room, please contact Sadhna Agrawal.

Electronics Shop - 1 Noll Lab

The electronics shop in Noll is run by Randy McCullough. The shop has benches, tools, and resources to perform a variety of design and repair projects.

Environmental Chambers - 2nd Floor

There are two environmental chambers. These chambers provide specific temperature and humidity controls to meet the specifications of the researcher. Each chamber has sufficient space to provide exercise, working and living scenarios for short to long-term experiments.

Hyperbaric/Hypobaric Chamber

The hyperbaric/hypobaric chamber is currently not in service. This facility is managed by Randy McCullough.

Laboratory Spaces

There are a number of lab spaces designed to meet the needs of the researchers. Bench lab/wet lab spaces provide standard chemistry/biochemistry capablities. Other labs have spaces for the various apparatus that are conceived by and implemented by our researchers.

Mechanical Shop - 10 Noll Lab

The mechanical shop area is a complete fabrication center. The wood shop has all of the standard shop construction tools. The metal shop has two mills and a lathe. The mechanical shop is run by Denny Ripka.