Cellular Cardiovascular Function Laboratory

Description of Research

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death of aged women in the United States and has been directly linked to age-related estrogen deficiency. Our research focuses on animal models of menopause, ischemia-reperfusion injury, metabolic syndrome, and cardioprotection. Specifically, we study signaling mechanisms involved in conferring cardioprotection via estrogen receptors, protein kinase C (PKCe), metabolic enzymes, adipose tissue, and exercise in aged female rodents. Additionally, the effects of chronic alcohol consumption, aging and estrogen deficiency on cardioprotective pathways are being studied.

Research Team

From left to right (top row): Donna Korzick, Craig Hunter, Mary Hutchinson, Jennifer Miller-Lee, Rick Ball (bottom row): Stephanie Eldred, Sarah Jefferson, Nanette Tomicek

Director: Donna H. Korzick
Research Associate: J. Craig Hunter
Senior Research Technologist: Mary C. Hutchinson
Senior Research Assistant: Rick W. Ball
Postdoctoral Fellow: Jennifer L. Miller-Lee
Graduate Student: Nanette J. Tomicek
Honors Undergraduate Students: Sarah J. Jefferson, Stephanie V. Eldred

Recent Publications

Current Experimental Approaches

Current Funding