Vascular Aging and Exercise Laboratory

Description of Research

Our research focuses on age-related alterations in the control of skeletal muscle blood flow, its role in cardiovascular regulation during exercise, and how these changes impact the health and functioning of older women and men. These studies are conducted at University Park and at Hershey Medical Center in collaboration with physician scientists at the Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute.

Research Team


Proctor Lab Group


From left: Mark Bundschuh, David Proctor, PhD., David Maurer, Dr. Jung Kyu Kim, David Moore


Director: David N. Proctor

Graduate Students: David Moore, David Maurer

Undergraduate research students: Mark Bundschuh, Mike Sybert

Selected Publications

Current Projects


Current projects including cardiac output, sympathetic outflow, endothelial dilators (NO/PG), sympathetic modulation and lower extremity structural limitation?